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FACT+FANCY relies on a network of engineering, science, and information technology consultants. We collaborate in particular on rule-writing services and information management projects. Our ethics web page describes the business practices you can rely on from us. FACT+FANCY is the service mark of Fact Fancy, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company. Fact Fancy, LLC, holds intellectual property developed by the FACT+FANCY teammates. Fact Fancy, LLC, is registered and/or authorized in Massachusetts, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Elsewhere, FACT+FANCY teammates only offer engineering services as sole practitioners in the states where a teammate is a licensed or registered professional engineer, or, in some locations, in collaboration with other firms.

For some projects, we will evaluate obtaining additional local licenses and authorizations or finding local firms to collaborate with. We offer services that do not require a license or other authorization by the local jurisdiction throughout the United States and elsewhere if requested by US-based clients.

References available on request. Please contact us for information about the team we can assemble to solve your problem.

James D. Hadley, PE, MS
Jim's over 20-year career broadly spans the safety, health, and environment fields punctuated by a few specialties. He is licensed or registered as a professional engineer in Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin, and he has an NCEES record established, which facilitates quick licensing in many states. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the ASME. After completing a natural sciences BA at Johns Hopkins University (focused on chemistry and microbiology) and an environmental engineering & science MS at Stanford University, Jim did lab- and pilot-scale studies supporting wastewater treatment and site cleanup design at Ciba-Geigy Corporation, a chemical manufacturer. He then provided small business technical assistance for a local air pollution control agency (Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, Nebraska) and later served as the environmental compliance engineer for Photocircuits Corporation's Glen Cove, New York plant, then a 2,300 person printed circuit board manufacturing facility. In 2000 he started working for a Wisconsin-based engineering firm, where he did design, construction management, and operations & maintenance consulting on a broad range of safety-, health-, and environment-related projects. His clients have included manufacturers (food, oil products, paper), private land developers facing environmental constraints like contamination, floodplains, or wetlands, as well as a suburban town facing development pressures. Over the last few years he gradually transitioned his work effort to FACT+FANCY, where has worked full time since 2011. Jim also has a background in writing and languages relevant to rule-writing -- including writing numerous compliance manuals for oil terminals, food industry plants, and other manufacturing facilities, writing compliance-assistance guides for a local air pollution control agency, reviewing zoning & subdivision ordinances, reviewing municipal land-use plans, and sitting on a rulemaking advisory committee. In addition to English, he has studied the French, Korean, and Spanish languages. His ability to communicate both regulatory and technical information in simple prose has often been appreciated by his clients and employers.

Bhupendra C. Soni, PE, MBA, BS
Bob completed Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry at Gujarat University in India and Chemical Engineering at Texas A & M University. Later he completed a Master of Business Administration at Roosevelt University, Chicago. His work experience also spans both business and technical decision-making. He started his career in metallurgy, working seven years for Lindberg Heat Treatment Company (now Bodycote International). He then worked for 16 years in the food industry (IBP and Johnsonville Foods), where he helped design and construct a range of process equipment, including heat transfer, mixing, separations, evaporators, and refrigeration. While working in the food industry, Bob transitioned into environmental, health, and safety design and compliance work. Then he went into consulting, eventually leading the Illinois operations of an upper-Midwest regional environmental consulting firm. His over 25-years of professional work have included process safety management, energy efficiency, cogeneration, water conservation, waste reduction, site cleanup, property-transfer due diligence, storm-water management as well as wastewater treatment and air pollution control equipment design. Several years ago he founded Soni & Associates, a successful consulting firm located in Lake Villa, Illinois. He is licensed or registered as a professional engineer in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. His understanding of the technical, managerial, and financial aspects of environmental, health, and safety regulatory compliance allows him to provide useful insights on industry standards and government regulatory interventions that more cost-effectively meet their objectives.

Thomas E. White, PhD
Tom has over 25 years experience in environmental engineering and information technology working for industry, government and academia. Following completion of graduate studies in Civil Engineering at Purdue, he did post-doctoral research at Cornell University where his work focused on biomass-to-energy process development and scale-up of chemical and biological systems. Later, he held the position of Chief Engineer, Ciba-Geigy Corporate Environmental Technology and led design teams for construction of some of the industry's largest wastewater treatment plants and site remediation efforts. Tom's work with waste transport modeling and characterization of subsurface environments led him into computer programming and data management technology early in his career. In the late 1990s he completed a graduate program in computer science and began working as a software engineer. This work is currently focused on integration of utility assets with work management systems and development of intelligent routing solutions for delivery of public work services. His experience and formal training in both environmental engineering and information technology makes him well suited to provide guidance and strategy on effective rule-writing and use of online databases.

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