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Ethics and Legal

Three sentence summary:

  1. If we don't have the time or ability to solve your problem, we'll tell you promptly and help you find someone who can.
  2. We take professional ethics seriously, which the Engineers' Creed adopted by the (U.S.) National Society of Professional Engineers in 1954 neatly summarizes, even if its tone may now seem flowery.
  3. We don't want our names associated with anything shoddy or unethical, and we expect our subcontractors and clients to feel the same way.

FACT+FANCY relies on a network of engineering, science, and information-technology consultants. We have experience drafting project manuals, which include construction contracts, as well as professional-services agreements to effectively coordinate the efforts of diverse parties. We insist on written definitions of all parties' responsibilities in contracts with this information consistently reiterated in proposals, reports, and designs in order to keep a mutual and clear understanding of each party's responsibilities continuously in mind.

We obtain legal advice and insurance products appropriate for the project and contract at hand. We don't offer legal advice or any of the services that you would typically expect to obtain from a lawyer.

FACT+FANCY is the service mark of Fact Fancy, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company. Fact Fancy, LLC, holds intellectual property developed by the FACT+FANCY teammates.

Fact Fancy, LLC, is registered and/or authorized in Massachusetts and Wisconsin. Elsewhere, FACT+FANCY teammates only offer engineering services as sole practitioners in the states where a teammate is a licensed or registered professional engineer, in other words, as a sole proprietorship offering services under the real name of the professional engineer, or, in some locations, in collaboration with other firms.

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