engineering and rules consultants

Planning and Design

We offer the following planning and design services in some locations. Please contact us for details.

  1. Material and chemical alternatives evaluations, including: effectiveness, cost, security, maintenance, health, safety, and environmental considerations
  2. Oil and other combustible or flammable liquid storage and transfer
  3. Chemical (acid, base, oxidizer, organic) storage and transfer
  4. Anhydrous ammonia, chlorine, and propane (LPG) storage and transfer
  5. Ventilation and air-pollution control
  6. Industrial wastewater collection and treatment
  7. Solid and hazardous waste reduction, reuse, recycling and disposal -- programs and designs for generators only.
  8. Contaminated site cleanup
  9. Site selection and usage planning with focus on environmental and land-use constraints
  10. Zoning and land subdivision
  11. Storm-water management
  12. Floodplain studies (hydrology and hydraulics)

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